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Neil Naidoo

Neil Naidoo is the Business Development Manager at AFRICORI, an international music company specialising in label services, digital distribution, synch licensing and publishing for artists, writers, publishers, labels and other rights holders in Africa.

Neil started his career in Cape Town launching an independent management company in 2009, focusing specifically on writers and producers. Neil has managed to place music on various albums in South Africa, Europe, and has negotiated numerous sync deals not only in SA, but around the world. In 2013, Neil re-located to Johannesberg to run AFRICORI’s South African base, focusing his attention heavily on digital aquasitions and creating new digital revenue streams for the company.

Africori is based in Johannesburg and has offices in Lagos and London and representation in Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia, Tanzania and Ghana. Africori is also home to “Coolspot Music”, one of South Africa’s leading independent record labels.