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Mirrias Syamutondo

Mr Mirrias Siamutondo is currently serving as Finance and Administration officer and joined ZAMCOPS the CMO that administers public performance rights on behalf of creators of musical works in Zambia in August 2010.

Although he came from an accounts background, he has over the years undertaken training programs in copyright administration. He has attended the ARIPO-CISAC Collective Management Organisation (CMO’s) Strategic Plan Regional Workshop in Zimbabwe, ARIPO Symposium on Copyright and related Rights : Shaping the Copyright and Related Rights System in Africa Workshop also in Zimbabwe and recently the Regional Training Program on Collective Management of Copyright and Related Rights in Ghana Organized by the Norwegian Copyright Development Association (NORCODE)in cooperation with the Government of Ghana, and The African Regional Intellectual Property Organization (ARIPO) Mr Siamutondo has also completed the DL201 and DL503 courses offered by WIPO that has provided him with a wider understanding of copyright administration in our organization .

Being second from the General manager in company hierarchy, he has represented the organization in a number of key meetings with various stake holders in our country in our quest to contribute in the growth of the music Industry and appreciation of Copyright by the relevant stakeholders.