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Pule Mokoa

More than 10 years in the industry: business and artist space. Worked at established record labels before venturing into the digital world at CCA
From Content Manager and now currently Head of A&R & Marketing- in depth knowledge of the back-end processes of streaming.
Artist relations major strength – coupled with robust understanding of digital as well music specific trends
Dabbles in artist management
Instrumental in procuring and securing prominent South African content for all digital networks (online and mobile)
Account manager for key labels, artists and platforms

10 plus years in the industry has not halted Pule Mokoa’s fervour for foregrounding artist advancement in the digital age of the music business. Having worked at established record labels as a PR manager, while simultaneously establishing his own presence as an artist, Pule has navigated the rapidly evolving industry and emerged as a notable person of interest in the digital landscape. His tenure at CCA has demonstrated his remarkable affinity for artist relations as well as a robust and in-depth knowledge of digital and music specific trends.